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Our Diversified Services

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) :

IPM is an environmentally sustainable program where we eliminate pests through organic methods without using chemical. This approach is idealistic for food and catering services to eliminate the presence of pests without the use of insecticides.
IPM uses a series of pest management evaluations, decisions and controls. It is four-tier process that sets an action threshold, monitors and identifies pests, uses prevention techniques and controls the reemergence of pests!

  • Termite Control:

Utilizing distinctive treatment options catering to client base requirements for an effective solution. Favorable climatic conditions in Pakistan provide idealistic breeding ground for termites resulting in a quick infestation if not paid attention to. We ensure maximum safety protocols to eliminate the underground presence of termites that will result in quick and pain free solution.

  • Fumigation | Pest Control:

For removal of any form of pests, the infested area is sprayed after inspection and safety protocols are set in place. General fumigation is done for cockroaches, mosquitos, flies etc.

  • Anti-Cockroach Gel Treatment:

A gel treatment is set in places frequented by roaches e.g. drawers, kitchen cabinets, storage spaces etc. After ingestion of the treatment, the cockroach takes the chemical back to its nest infecting other cockroaches resulting in the complete elimination of cockroaches from your house.

  • Rodent / Rat Control | De-rating:

Through an innovative product range, we seek to remove the presence of rodents from your premises and deter their reappearance through concealment of entry pathways and sealing their passages.

  • RMS (Rodent Management Service):

RMS is an integrated form of data collection service that takes into account the floor space, client requirement and the type of products to utilize. With our diverse product range, we ensure the most suitable products are used that are safe as well as effective for long term sustainable solutions. This is idealistic for larger organizations; schools, offices, shops, bungalows, nurseries etc.

  • Water Tank Cleaning & Chemical Treatment:

Using completely safe methods of treatment that ensures the safety of those drinking the water, our method of water tank cleaning ensures complete safety protocol are adhered while performing our service.


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